CBD Balm Pain & Inflammation 15ml


Soothe your tired, aching joints or sore areas on your body with this hand-made vegan CBD topical balm. Simply rub a small amount into your skin. Made with a powerful blend of our CBD extract and pure hemp seed oil, lavendar, rosemary, peppermint and camphor essential oils, shea and cacao butter and candelilla wax from the candelilla plant.



A soothing vegan skin balm made from all natural ingredients with 250mg of cbd for powerful relief. Ideal for applying to sore muscles or painful joints and inflamed areas on the body.
We handmake our CBD balms ourselves using hemp naturally grown in the sunshine with no presticides or agro chemicals.
Our balm contains organic coconut oil which is naturally anti bacterial and anti fungal, and our own cold pressed pure hemp seed oil – powerfully nutritious and beautifully nourishing and moisturizing for the skin.
We have carefully chosen an effective blend of 4 pure essential oils known to have anti-inflammatory/pain relieving properties – lavender, peppermint, rosemary and camphor. These work hand in hand with the cbd for powerful relief.
And, like all our hemp products, our balm is vegan, containing candelilla wax from the candelilla plant, rather than beeswax. Candelilla is a natural thickener/hardener and is also a highly nutritious plant extract in its own right.
The organic shea and cacao butters in our balm are well known and loved for their soothing qualities, and we add a good amount of our own UK-grown cold-pressed pure hemp seed oil to the mix. Hemp seed oil is considered to be one of the most nutritious oils available for our bodies because of its perfect balance of essential fatty acids. It has anti-inflammatory properties in its own right and also contains vitamin E which is an excellent moisturizer. It is very easily absorbed by the skin.
We make our balms in a handy tin so you can keep it with you and apply as needed. Please remember to recycle the tin. We use compostable packaging wherever we can, and if it’s not compostable, it is recyclable.


This product contains less than 0.20% THC.

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