Fresh cold pressed hemp seed oil.

Our hemp oil is freshly cold pressed from our own organically-grown UK hemp on Dartington Estate, Devon. The oil is pressed in small batches with the greatest of care and protected from oxidization by sunlight. It is as fresh as you can get, and delicious.

Hemp seed oil has a delicate nutty flavour and is delicious drizzled over salad or in soups, stews, dips and marinades. It is also highly nourishing and absorbable when used topically on the skin, leaving it soft and renewed.

As we would expect from this plant, taking the seed oil daily benefits our health in many, many ways, It is a nutritional superfood and considered to be nature’s most perfectly balanced oil, providing a 3:1 ratio of linoleic acid (Omega 6) to alpha-linolenic (Omega 3) essential fatty acids. We require these EFAs but our body cannot produce them on our own; the proportion in hemp seed oil exactly matches what we need for optimum healthy nutrition.

Hemp oil also contains three other EFAs, gamma-linolenic acid, oleic acid and stearidonic acid. This combination of EFAs is unique amongst edible oils.
Compared with other culinary oils it is low in saturated fatty acids (less desired fats) but high in polyunsaturated fats (the good fats). It is rich in protein, a good source of the antixodant vitamin E and minerals such as potassium, zinc, magnesium, iron, phosphorous and calcium.

We would encourage you to take hemp oil daily alongside your cbd dietary supplements. We naturally produce our own cannabinoids from omega 3 EFAs and taking omega 3-rich hemp seed oil will boost our body’s own endo-cannabinoid system. This system governs homeostasis (balance) in the body.

A note: Most hemp seed and oil sold in the UK comes from China….choosing to buy UK grown hemp products will encourage this plant back into our fields where it belongs!

Recommended daily amount.
We would recommend taking at least 3 teaspoons of hemp seed oil daily. Or add to food as desired.
Do not fry with hemp seed oil or heat above 120 degrees centigrade as it has a low smoke point. Add to foods as a flavour enhancer. Store in the fridge once open, or in a dark, cool place.

Use hemp seed oil instead of olive oil added to foods or just take straight daily mixed with lemon and warm water, and feel the benefits of amazing nutrition.