We are fortunate enough to organically grow Cannabis Sativa. We cultivate varieties more commonly known as Hemp (containing less than 0.2% THC), in two very different, but equally beautiful locations. Our UK crop on the well known Dartington Hall Estate in Devon is larger and more dedicated to the many practical, eco-friendly outer uses of hemp – hempcrete, hemp plaster, paper, soaps, high quality animal bedding and much more. In this project we are working to encourage more hemp to be grown in the UK – through our own planting, education, consultancy and helping others to also become established hemp grower.

Venus Hemp is a reflection of the cannabis plant’s extraordinary gifts to us nutritionally. We harvest our hemp seed superfood in the UK mainly for use as whole seed, oil and protein powder. We also grow a much smaller acreage of hemp on our small family farm in an isolated, pristine and gorgeously sunny valley in Portugal. Here we hand harvest our plants carefully and selectively to ensure they are at their most mature and potent, then we handmake the cbd oils and balms you find here at Venus Hemp.

We are not qualified or allow to make any claims about the health benefits of Cannabidiol / CBD and hemp’s many other cannabinoids and terpenes. However cbd is becoming a household name, very deservedly, and  if you google it you’ll find a myriad of useful articles on the subject and many published papers.
Below is a very basic video outlining the importance of our body’s endocannabinoid system and how the cannabis plant helps to support this. Given the right conditions, our bodies are remarkable self-healers.

All our products here at Venus Hemp are foods and food supplements – Let Food be Thy Medicine!